Objective 1: Catalogue efforts
Objective 2: New solutions
Objective 3: New tools
Objective 4: Certification methods

Objective 4 is to develop an innovative certification method for ecosystem rehabilitation of postmining areas. A new certification method to evaluate ecological rehabilitation of post-mining areas and identify industrial best practices in this field will be presented and validated by the industrial project partners. The aim of this objective is to develop a systematic, replicable approach for the definition of certification criteria for coal mine site rehabilitation. Mining industries face the challenge of protecting the natural and
social environments within which they operate. Companies and operators are typically obliged to rehabilitate their sites to a state that supports an agreed post-mining land use(s) and to mitigate environmental and social impacts. This obligation results in the need to define closure objectives and completion criteria to determine whether the necessary outcomes are achieved for the mine to become eligible for rehabilitation approval. A systematic framework is developed to provide a certification method based on a scientific basis to support ecological rehabilitation actions for coal mine closure plans. The proposed framework addresses how closure objectives and completion criteria could be defined, and how progress towards meeting completion criteria should be monitored.

Objective 5: Familiarising stakeholders
Challenge 1: Finding solutions adaptive to new types of collected data
Challenge 2: Identifying tools adaptive to monitoring post-mining rehabilitation
Challenge 3: Appealing to different European and local legislations