The following deliverables being the effect of the project partners work on results will be developed:

D1.1 – Definition of management and implementation tools
D2.1 – Comprehensive overview of the project
D2.2 – Communication and dissemination plan
D3.1 – Document on classification of ecosystem degradation including of degraded land maps NEW!
D3.2 – Document on identification and characteristics of post–mining rehabilitation schemes
D3.3 – Document on identification of main climate change impacts on post-mining rehabilitation schemes
D3.4 – Report on characteristics of post mining reclamation case study areas
D4.1 – Method for a steered succession of low-growing plants and its field testing
D4.2 – Technology of a non-contact soil remediation
D4.3 – Technology for soil regeneration by composts of high biological activity
D4.4 – Analysis of revegetation options including plants for industrial uses
D4.5 – Cost-benefit analyses of the new solutions for post mining areas rehabilitation
D5.1 – Definition of toolbox contents
D5.2 – Report on site study cases: initial assessment
D5.3 – Guidelines for short and long term monitoring
D6.1 – Audit Catalogue
D6.2 – Semi-automated ecological remediation progress visualization tool
D6.3 – Guidance document